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Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Illinois QuoteIllinois Health Insurance Marketplace



Medicare Basics

  • Medicare for people 65 and older
  • If under 65 with certain disabilities.
  • People with End Stage Renal Disease

Original Medicare

  • Is ran by the Federal government
  • Provide Medicare Part A and Part B
  • Hospitalization, skilled nursing care, out patient services, hospice care and more

Medigap or Medicare Supplement plans are designed to pay for what Medicare does not pick up.

Medicare will cover medical cost at 80%, you will be responsible for PART A deductible and PART B deductible, but if you have a Medicare Supplement the deductible are generally picked up and you are only responsible for your monthly premiums.

Along with your Medicare Supplement most individuals will purchase a PART D or prescription drug plan, which has a premium, sometimes a deductible and co payments. There are many different PART D plans to choose from. You do not have to have the same insurance company for PART D that you have for a Supplement, they are stand alone plans.

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Outline of Coverage for Illinois and Rates by zip code

MOO OUTLINE of Coverage 06 2014

Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Brochure


Application ( fax to 309 836 1446 )


If you prefer to have an application mailed please email or call 888 833 1755


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