Illinois Medicare Supplement Insurance Quote

Illinois Medicare Supplement Insurance Quote

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Medicare Quotes form the nations leading Medicare Supplement providers.

About Medicare Supplements

Medicare Supplements are designed to pick up where Medicare leaves off. For instance Medicare approved  outpatient service has a approved charge of $1000.00, Medicare will pay the first 80% after you have meet the PART B Medicare deductible of $147. After you pay the $147 and Medicare pays 80% there after you could be responsible for the balance.

Your Medicare Supplement will step in and pay the remain claim if you have he correct Medicare Supplement Plan .

There are various plans that will pick this up, but depending on the outline of benefits (  OUTLINE of Coverage 06 2014 you may have a to pay a larger co payment.

Medicare Supplements allow you to see any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare. There are no network restrictions or pre authorizations.

Medicare Supplements can protect you financially as well, there are many instance if your are enrolled into a Medicare Advantage plan you could have a large out of pocket expense such as paying up to $10,000.00.

Depending on the type of plan you have you could be in for a RUDE awakening, but there is an answer to this problem…… MEDICARE SUPPLEMNT Insurance plans.

309 833 1755 Bradley D. Pyles

Medicare Annual Election Period will begin on OCTOBER 15th and end DECEMBER 7th of 2014.

At that time you can change your drug plan, choose a different Medicare Advantage plan or enroll into a MEDICARE Supplement by enrolling into a stand alone prescription drug plan.

If you are Chronically Ill there are plans available that  will offer assistance to your situation. Call us at 309 833 1755 to discuss your needs.

If you are on Medicaid and Medicare there are plans available that add additional benefits. There plans are for Dual Eligible folks.

What ever the need we can help

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