Best Medicare Supplement Rate Quote 2017

Best Medicare Supplement Rate Quote 2017

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What is Medicare and who is it for? 

  • People 65 and older
  • People under 65 with certain disabilities
  • People with End Stage Renal Disease

The are 4 primary parts to Medicare

Medicare Part A- Hospital inpatient care, skilled nursing, hospice and home health care

Medicare Part B- Doctors office visits outpatient services, xrays, laboratory work and durable medicare equipment

Medicare Part C- included the the same services under original Medicare A and B, but is administered by private insurance companies and some plans include prescription drugs, dental and vision services

Medicare Part D- Helps cover the cost of prescription drugs, it is sold by private insurance companies that are contracted by CMS

Medicare Coverage Options




The Health Insurance Marketplace and Medicare


The Heath Insurance Market Place is a place where qualified families and individuals and employees of small businesses to health coverage, Medicare is not part of the Market Place.

Your Medicare is ” Minimum Essential Coverage”  as long as you have Medicare Part A Coverage or are enrolled into a Medicare Advantage plan

You can not have a Market Place Plan and be on Medicare, the Market Place does not offer Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement plans are designed to pick  up where Medicare doe snot offer coverage due to deductibles and co insurance amounts. Some Medicare Supplement plans will pay for your Medicare Deductible and coinsurance amounts, Plans F and G are the most robust plans sold and offer a little higher premium, but will coverage most if not all your Medicare costs. You must be enrolled into Medicare Parts A and B to purchase a Medicare Supplement plan.



Medicare Preventive Services

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), makes changes to the preventive services covered at no cost-sharing for Medicare beneficiaries.

As of Jan. 1, 2011, Medicare beneficiaries are no longer required to pay any out-of-pocket costs for most preventive services. Medicare also covers the cost of an annual wellness visit with a physician.

Preventive Services

Medicare covers a number of preventive services at no cost-sharing to the beneficiary, some of these services include:

  • Mammograms every 12 months for eligible beneficiaries age 40 and older
  • Cardiovascular disease screenings
  • Colorectal cancer screening, including flexible sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy
  • Cervical cancer screening, including a Pap smear test and pelvic exam
  • Cholesterol and other cardiovascular screenings
  • Diabetes screening
  • Medical nutrition therapy to help manage diabetes or kidney disease
  • Prostate cancer screening
  • An annual flu shot and the hepatitis B vaccine
  • Bone mass measurement
  • Abdominal aortic aneurysm screening to check for a bulging blood vessel
  • HIV screening tests for those who are at an increased risk or who request to receive the test

Medicare will expand the coverage of additional preventive services at no cost-sharing to the beneficiary as new services, tests or screenings become available and are recommended by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force.

Annual Wellness Visit

In addition to an initial preventive visit when becoming a beneficiary, Medicare covers an annual wellness visit with a physician to develop a personalized prevention plan that takes a comprehensive approach to improving your health.

Specifically, the wellness visit covers the following services at no cost-sharing to the beneficiary:

  • Routine measurements such as height, weight, blood pressure, body-mass index or waist circumference, if appropriate
  • Review of medical and family history, including medications and current care by other health care providers
  • A personal risk assessment, including any mental health conditions

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