Lowest Cost Medicare Supplement Insurance

Lowest Cost Medicare Supplement Insurance

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Looking for a low cost Medicare Supplement? Allow us to help you, please click in the box above and you will be transferred to our site for quoting. We offer many of the top rated companies that offer Medicare Supplement Insurance.

Medicare Supplement plans offer a standardized benefit schedule, for Plan A to Plan M. The Plan F and the Plan G Medicare Supplement offer the most comprehensive coverage’s.

If you are going onto Medicare soon please call us at 309 833 1755 to discuss options and Medicare Supplement needs, we can also help you find a drug plan that will fit your needs.

If you currently have a Medicare Supplement and would like to se if you can save money and still have the same coverage, call 309 833 1755.

Have you every considered using a High Deductible Medicare Supplement with an annuity? This option does exist with a few companies.

For an example, you would deposit $20,000 in a fixed annuity that will be used to pick up your deductible as needed, so rather than paying a Plan F premium of $140, you can purchase a annuity that is earning interest( better than the bank) and have the company apply the funds to the deductible as needed. The Plan F High Deductible for 2016 is $2188 for the year and then your policy will pay 100% of Medicare charges that Medicare’s 80% has not paid.

Medicare Supplements have been around since 1965 and has helped Medicare enrollees save thousands of dollars a year.

Never think a question you may have is silly, there are many different policies that are sold and agent and companies try to put a different spin on things to make it sound like their policy is the best thing since sliced bread, when  in a actuality they all offer the same thing only the pricing is different !    Call us 309-833-1755


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