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Medicare Supplement plans offer an affordable way to protect your finances from medical costs

Did you know?

Have you looked at the Medicare Supplement Plans G or High Deductible Plan F?

The Plan G offers and affordable and comprehensive policy for less than your traditional Plan F, generally $30-40 less a month, so its worth looking at.

The High Deductible Plan F offers a very affordable premium, starting at $45.50 a month, where else can you protect your financial well being for that?

There are many companies that offer Medicare plans, but it is best to use a company that has a proven record of paying claims and reasonable rate increases.

Never let an agent or company sell you more than one policy ( Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage)

Your 65th birthday is coming up! Like many, you’ll probably be making some important

choices about Medicare and Medicare Supplement coverage. It’s a decision that could cost

more money than you think, unless you have all the facts. 

As a licensed insurance agent , my focus is helping you make these important decisions. 

We  offer a variety of Medicare Supplement insurance policies, and we
offer you important features that make choosing the right coverage easier.

  • Freedom to choose your own doctor — it’s your doctor, your choice 
  • No waiting period — use your benefits as soon as your policy is in force 
  • Electronic claim filing — you have no paperwork to fill out 
  • Excellent customer service — our friendly customer service staff strives to make every experience with us great 
  • Innovative option available — you can save money 
  • Choice of attained age or issue age premium rates — choose what’s best for you 
  • Preventive health care benefits — there’s no dollar-amount maximum for covered routine physical exams, screenings and more 

We’re committed to giving you everything you need, nothing you don’t. When you insure with us, you can relax knowing you’re protected by a solid, financially strong, secure company. 

Please call me at 309-833-1755 to find out more about our Medicare Supplement coverage. You’ll be glad you did!



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